About This Project

Client: Shoreham Port Authority


Sea Defence Works


Matthews Sussex Ltd are regularly employed by The Shoreham Port  Authority to replenish the stone beaches along the ports sea wall in front of its industrial area.




The currents and tides in the English Channel in the Shoreham area cause the beech stone and shingle to move along the beech in a westerly direction causing large quantities of stone to build up against the western harbour wall.


Usually twice per year, once in the spring and once in winter Matthews are contracted to push up , load and transport the build-up of stone from the west harbour wall to the beach running from the east harbour wall along the front industrial area.


Although in a straight line the distance is just about 500 meters by road it is 10 miles.


With 2 excavators , one twenty tonne and one 40 tonne ,  dozers and 12 to 16 trucks , 2000 to 3000 tonnes of stone is moved and re placed  during each day of operation.